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## To Download the project, under the blue vertical line, click on the download icon next to "WEB IDE".
You can choose which type of archived folder you want, and then open it in your filesystem.
## OR use git clone:
git clone
cd zine_maker
## Requirements
You need either python2 or python3 running on the computer
And also the pip command
Once these are installed, from within zine_maker run:
pip install -r requirements.txt
## For merging the cover.pdf, body.pdf and colophon.pdf there are many pdf merger tools,
one that is command line based is pdfunite
from the terminal run:
pdfunite cover.pdf body.pdf colophon.pdf output.pdf
## For shuffling the final pdf and prepare it for printing you need the pdfseparate command
it is used inside the file (see details at the end of Readme)
## For making use of images in the script, image magick needs to be installed
## To make the content of the pdf
python text/images.txt body/images.pdf
OR add your text file and replace respectively
python text/<your_file>.txt body/<output-name>.pdf
## To make the cover of the pdf
python text/cover.txt covers/cover.pdf
OR add your text file and replace respectively
python text/<your-cover>.txt covers/<cover-name>.pdf
## To make the colophon of the pdf
python text/colophon.txt colophones/colophon.pdf
OR add your text file and replace respectively
python text/<your-colophon>.txt colophones/<output-colophon>.pdf
## To prepare signatures for printing a small booklet
python final.pdf final_shuffled.pdf
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