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This zine helps in navigating the zine_maker code, a small software tool derived from pyPDF library. The code is written in Python, and provides a few scripts for creating covers, colophons, content, and also signatures for preparing a PDF for the printer. The scripts run with python version 3.x.x and we can feed to the scripts inputs and outputs. As an input, we give the path to a text file, which shall create the text and images content of the zine, and as an output we give a the path/filename of our choice. We can also run the scripts with no input nor output, in which case, they take as default parameters the readme text from the text/ folder and produce an output to either of the folders covers, colophons, body, or zines, depending on which script we are running each time.
# Get the code!
# Get the code
## Download the source code
It is being under active development by the author and can be cloned and/or downloaded from
As of 2021-2022, the code is under active development by the author and can be cloned and/or downloaded from
To download the project, near the top of the gitlab page, click on the download icon next to "Find file".
You can choose which type of archived folder you want, and then open it in your filesystem, by right clicking the archived folder, or from the terminal:
tar -xvf zine_maker.tar -C /home/user/destination # for tarred file
unzip -d /home/user/destination # for zipped file
tar -xvf zine_maker.tar -C /home/user/destination
unzip -d /home/user/destination
## OR use git clone:
......@@ -44,16 +44,15 @@ absolute font path directly to the python scripts.
The input texts should be clean from characters added by some text editors or
Operating Systems. Use the cat command to check your text is ready as input
```cat --show-nonprinting input.txt
`cat --show-nonprinting input.txt`
Symbols such as M-oM-;M or ^M (carriage Return / line feed) need to be removed.
A cool tool for that is dos2unix, which is available as command line, but needs
to be installed:
dos2unix filename
`dos2unix filename`
Or with the sed command:
sed -e "s/\r//g" file > newfile
`sed -e "s/\r//g" file > newfile`
Extensive info can be find at:
......@@ -123,19 +122,23 @@ OR add your own colophon text file and replace respectively:
# Make a screen PDF
## For the final pdf - screen version
## For the final screen version
from the terminal run:
`pdfunite covers/cover.pdf body/body.pdf colophons/colophon.pdf zines/final.pdf`
You shall substitute the file paths to the your own corresponding /path/filenames
# Make a printable zine
## See this readme as the generated screen version zine:
open the file zines/zinemaker.pdf
# Make a zine
## To prepare signatures for printing the zine
The default parameters take the zines/zinemaker_screen.pdf and output
## Prepare signatures for printing
Default parameters: as input "zines/zinemaker_screen.pdf" and as output "zinemaker{random_number}.pdf"
Run it for your own pdf files as following:
`python` zines/<input>.pdf zines/<output>.pdf`
......@@ -143,8 +146,3 @@ In the printer settings opt-in for the following settings:
- A4 Landscape
- Two pages per side
- Double side - short edge
## See this readme as the generated zine:
open the file zines/zinemaker.pdf
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