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......@@ -11,15 +11,20 @@ cd zine_maker
## Requirements
You need either python2 or python3 running on the computer
And also the pip command
Once these are installed, from within zine_maker run:
`pip install -r requirements.txt`
## For merging the cover.pdf, body.pdf and colophon.pdf there are many pdf merger tools,
one that is command line based is pdfunite
from the terminal run:
`pdfunite cover.pdf body.pdf colophon.pdf output.pdf`
## For shuffling the final pdf and prepare it for printing you need the pdfseparate command
......@@ -33,27 +38,33 @@
`python `
`python text/images.txt body/images.pdf`
OR add your text file and replace respectively
`python text/<your_file>.txt body/<output-name>.pdf`
## To make the cover of the pdf
`python text/cover.txt covers/cover.pdf`
OR add your text file and replace respectively
`python text/<your-cover>.txt covers/<cover-name>.pdf`
## To make the colophon of the pdf
`python `
`python text/colophon.txt colophones/colophon.pdf`
OR add your text file and replace respectively
`python text/<your-colophon>.txt colophones/<output-colophon>.pdf`
## To prepare signatures for printing a small booklet
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